Mokarrar Composite Co. started its activities since 2000 supplying geosynthetic Sheets, Its Installation and implementation in accordance with the International Standards.

This Company has assigned a special place as the first company in the field of Geosynthetics in the country, after passing the technical courses in creditable International institutes, receiving reliable certificates and agencies from the top manufacturers in the world.

Mokarrar Composite Co. has been the first producer of GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner) in Iran under the name of ISOBENT since 2012. This product has a wide range of applications such as 1. Landfills 2. Canals 3. Tunnels 4. Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals 5. Structures 6. Mines 7. Dams 8. Artificial Lakes.

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ISO 9001:2008 system certificate