About Us

Mokarrar Composite Co. started its activities since 2000 supplying geosynthetic Sheets, Its Installation, implementation in accordance with the International Standards. This Company has assigned a special place as the first EPC company in the field of Geosynthetics Technology in the country, after passing the technical courses in creditable International institutes, receiving reliable certificates and agencies from the top manufacturers in the world.

Project Engineering and consulting department
This department has performed so many projects mentioned below by using Iranian prominent experts, following the international standards IGS, SSPC, IAIG, membership in international IGS associations and scientific and experimental supports by foreign credible companies.
The projects has been performed in different fields such as Oil Industry, Gas and Petrochemicals, Oil and Chemical materials, Implementation of Water canals, Wastewater treatment lagoons, Landfills, Drainage and filtration, Reinforced soil bed, Isolation of underground and buried structures in the soil such as Metro, Buried concrete tanks, performing slope embankments and retaining walls and other civil projects.