Most Important Projects:

1. Sealing of one of the largest buildings in Tehran with 142,000 Square Meters area by Geosynthetic materials.

2. Geosynthetic Capping of Organization of Tehran Municipality's Recycling and Conversion Materials with 210,000 Square Meters area (Completed)

3. Heap Leaching of Copper Mine of Kani Mes Co. with 296,200 Square Meters area (Material Supplement)

4. Sealing Sabzevar Refinery with 330,000 Square Meters (completed)

5. Sealing Water Storage tanks for oil, Sabir Co. with 275,000 Square Meters area (completed)

6. Sealing Canal Water of Ardebil Water Co. with 160,000 Square Meters area (completed)

7. Sealing of Shiraz Subway Tunnel with Tefond Evolution (Iso Tunnel), Water & Soil Engineering Co.

8. Sealing of Tehran Subway Tunnel with Tefond Evolution (Iso Tunnel).

9. Sealing of Abbas Abad Lake in Tehran with 25,000 Square Meters area (Completed)

10. Tehran-Tabriz Project with 60,000 Square Meters area with ISOBENT

11. Sealing of Qazvin Landfill with 110,000 Square Meters area by ISOBENT (Material Supplement)