Geotextiles are the second group of Geosynthetic products which are produced in two types of Woven and Non-woven. The structure of geotextiles is based on polypropylene and polyester or a compound of polymeric materials.
This product differentiates in thickness, size and weight. Some of the excellent mechanical specifications are: excellent flexibility, puncher resistance, tensile strength, good permeability (having pores for filtration), excellent resistance to UV rays that are applicable considering the type and requirements of the project.

Advantages and applications of geotextiles:
- Reinforcement of the slope surfaces and soil beds
- Reinforcement, Stabilization and drainage of road beds
- Beach erosion control
- Drainage of road beds and various overpass  and buried in soil structures
- Constructing fences in the flood ways so that no mud and sediment can enter the environment and cause erosions.
- usage in greenhouse applications
- Used as a protective layer for Geomembrane
- Used as a thermal insulation in some industries
- No entrance of moisture to road beds that results in increasing the resistance of ballast

Geotubes and Geo Containers:
These are Tencate Nicolon Co. products located in Netherland and the most important of them are Geotubes and Geocontainers. The length and diameter of the Geotube is estimated and designed considering the type of project. In the implementation process, Geotubes are filled with dredged material by Hydraulic pumps. The pore of geotextile is designed in a way that the water can pass through but the pumped materials remain in it. Geocontainers are also made of Geotextile layers the same as Geotubes but the difference is due to vast amount of design, they are located in barges and after that they are filled with materials. When the amount of the project material is completed, the edges of Geotextile are sewn together and after that it is spreaded in sea bed from the end of the barge.

Applications of Geotubes and Geo Containers
- Construction of wet earth
- Construction of breakwaters
- Constructing submarine structures
- Diversion dams
- Island construction
- Construction of Wharfs
- Protecting the coasts