ISO Tunnel

Generally, Sealing in tunnels is fundamental and it conveys two proposes:
- Making sealing and impermeable layer
- Water conductivity (Drainage)
This layer increases the concrete durability by its two simultaneous features.
Iso tunnel is an insulator with drainage which consists of rubber and poly propylene materials.

Features of ISO Tunnel
1. Appropriate size (more than 2 meters wide and over 20 meters length)
2. Without any plasticizer substance and sublimation-in
3. High chemical resistance
4. High durability (over 100 years)
5. Does not produce hazardous and toxic gases in case of fire (due to the sheets structure)
6. Due to bumps in sheets, no water holes are made.
7. Performing Convenient and reliable welding on rough surfaces of Shot create.
8. Due to controlled and integrated welding, weld line of concrete injection pressure will not break.
9. There is no tearing of concrete injection pressure, because of non-use of nails on Iso Tunnels.

Advantages of ISO Tunnel:
1. Low weight
2. No need of two layers of Geotextiles
3. Drainage system with high water flow because of the prominent appendixes
4. High speed of implementation because one layer is installed (Implementation speed is 3 times more than usual methods)
5. No holes create on the sheet and sealing layer while installation
6. Facilitate visual inspection to detect the color of the product on a tear
7. Testing possible by wedge welder