ISOBENT is a compound based on Sodium Bentonite that has been in the monopoly of some special American and European companies before being produced by Mokarrar Composite Co. This compound is so unique. It will convert into a gel after contact to a fluid and with its high swell index, causes a perfect sealing in Hydraulic structures.
GCL is a geo-composite sheets of geotextile composed of two layers of polypropylene and sodium Bentonite between the layers. Two layers of geotextile and Bentonite are connected to each other by the exclusive system of needle punching and have been integrated. Thus, the sodium Bentonite between two layers of geotextile is confined and will not displace during transport and installation.

Features of GCL
- Self-sealing and self-healing
- Resistant to water, moisture and Gas
- Extremely good adhesion to concrete
- Ability to install in different weather conditions
- Resistant to physical damage during and after installation
- Fast and easy installation without the need of protective layer
- To be installed in water tanks
- Low hydraulic conductivity

Advantages of GCL
- Self-healing of holes by Bentonite swell index
- Ability to build tanks with each volume
- Does not dry and crack like Clay, after construction
- As Bentonite sheets are connected by overlaps, they are affordable considering time and cost
- ISOBENT replaces a clay layer of 50 cm and it increases the volume of the landfill.
- Applicable in steep slopes because it can tolerate the shear forces on the slopes.
- The feature of the landfill is made of reservoirs or walls with high inclination that the flexibility of ISOBENT makes the installation of it possible in non-flat and uneven surfaces.
GCL storage and installation