Water storage lagoons and artificial lakes
Excavated lagoons and lakes, including fish farming lagoons, dam reservoirs, agricultural water storage lagoons and artificial lakes are mainly built with geosynthetic sealing material nowadays. Geosynthetic have proven benefits over other options in this application. Two main advantages of geosynthetic solutions are high speed of installation and low construction costs. ISOBENT® is a GCL which can also be used in this field.
It is worth to mention that ISOBENT® solution is more attractive when the lining system in the storage lagoon or reservoir should be covered for following reasons:
• To provide safety against vandalism
• To provide a protection for lining in case of dredging
• To add the service life of the lagoon or reservoir

Technical advantages over geomembrane for lagoon and reservoir sealing application
• Higher speed as the quality control activities (welding test) required in geomembrane installation are no longer necessary (up to 15000 m2 per day installation rate).
• Easier installation due to excluding the geotextile from the liner profile.
• Speeding up backfilling over liner (machinery can go over the GCL gently)
• Higher safety as there is no risk of folded wrinkles and stress cracking like HDPE geomembrane
• Producing this product in the country according to International Standards
• Self healing capability of the product
• Easier handling during construction against wind action
• less stringent bed (subgrade) preparation in comparison to geomembrane
• Easy and cheap repair work in case of product being damaged
Artificial lake in Palm Spring in South Africa-Durban

Discussion about technical specification of ISOBENT®
GRI-GCL3 is the mostly recognized GCL standard in all over the world which ISOBENT® product can achieve the minimum requirement devised in it. The certificate is issued by a GSI accredited laboratory in Canada, although all the required equipment to perform the required tests in the standard is installed and operating in factory on-site laboratory.

ISOBENT® Technical Specification: